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Maitland, with a population of over 75,000, is a city of natural beauty and wide open spaces, of clean air and national parks, of impressive gardens and sweeping views. It is a region well known for its attractive rural district, historic city centre and moderate climate. Maitland has more than three times the national average of open city spaces featuring outdoor sports facilities, established parks and playgrounds and a thriving visitor economy.

Maitland City Council works hard to ensure that our city will always be a remarkably beautiful place to live. Maitland’s proximity to Australia’s largest and most dynamic economy means Maitland has supreme connectivity. Maitland is globally connected, has superior live ability and a supportive business environment. All of these attributes create a foundation for a diverse, vibrant community life in Maitland and reinforce its appeal as a great place to invest, visit, work and live.

Council supports economic development by fostering greater investment and jobs growth in the LGA, sending a strong message that Maitland is a thriving business destination.


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