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Information Guide Describes Council's structure, functions, what information is held and how it is accessed. 
Policies A list of Council's current adopted policies
Disclosure log  Information about access applications that may be of interest to others

Contracts Register

Records of contracts with a value of $150,000 or more
Integrated planning & reporting documents Council's corporate documents such as annual report and delivery program
Council meeting agenda and minutes  Agendas and minutes of Council meetings 1999 - current 
Land register  Lists all land owned, vested in or under Council's control
Investment register  Details of Council's current investments
Planning decisions register Record of all planning decisions made by Council since 1 September 2008
Planning instruments  Adopted planning instruments
Delegations register  Available for inspection at Council administration building
Disclosure of Interest returns   Available for inspection free of charge at Council administration building


Maitland City Council’s Disclosure Log

This Disclosure Log records information about access applications made to Maitland City Council that Council considers may be of interest to other members of the public. This disclosure log contains non-personal information only.

The requested information below can be accessed by contacting Council's Right to Information Officer on (02) 4934 9700 or e-mail:


 Reference Number Date of Decision Information Requested Type of Release
 35/71/1557  21/09/2016  All documents in relation to the proposed application for a waste or resource management facility (waste or resource transfer station) waste transfer and recycling facility at Lot 2220 DP1095389 (109 Mt Vincent Road East Maitland) and Lot 201 DP 520191 (110 Mt Vincent Road East Maitland).  Full Release
 35/71/1485  23/06/2016  All plans, correspondence, emails, memoranda, file notes, meeting minutes or agenda, transcripts of recorded telephone calls between Maitland City Council and Land and Property Information (LPI) for Mt Vincent Road East Maitland.  Full Release
35/71/1458 12/04/2016

Information regarding Mt Vincent Waste Management Facility including amendment to modify consent, amendment to increase the volume of fill by 320000m2, recycling shed new DA

 Full Release
 35/71/1417  08/03/2016

 The Levee Project Components 1&2 - The development application, statement of environmental effects, engineering drawings and council planner's report for the Hatch located on High Street, The Levee adjacent to 411 High Street Maitland.

Documents relating to the provision of under-awning lighting applicable to businesses in the Levee as part of the Levee Project.

The Levee Component Two - the proposed public consultation process on Component Two of the Levee and endorsement of the Levee Component One by a community consultative group

 Full Release
35/71/1239 11/05/2015 Flood studies regarding RZ12/001 Anambah Investigation Area Full Release
35/71/1183 20/02/2015 Site Compatibility Certificate of Lot 10 DP1155452 - 216 Duckenfield Road Berry Park, Senior Living Development Full Release
35/71/1180 12/02/2015 Topographic survey details for Mt Vincent Waste Facility for period Dec 2013, July 2014 and Dec 2014 Full Release
35/71/1105 23/10/2014 Development Consents approved for the existing building Lot 4041 DP 1002812 - 172 Racecourse Road Rutherford Full Release
35/71/995 10/03/2014 Rate Levy and Rateable Assessment for last seven years Full Release
35/71/960 03/01/2014 Statistics of Council spending for catering and alcohol from 1 Oct 2012 - 1 Oct 2013 Part Release
35/71/913 09/10/2013 Impounding statistics - July 2011 to June 2012 Full Release
35/71/832 12/06/2013  Topographic information of Mt Vincent Waste Disposal Full Release
35/71/819 03/06/2013 Information regarding studies undertaken investigation viability of pedestrian crossing at Norfolk Street Ashtonfield Full Release
35/71/816 05/06/2013 Construction, maintenance & repair records and records of injuries for footpath on Webland Street between 1 January 2010 and 30 June 2012 Part Release
35/71/753 14/03/2013 Statistics of animals taken to RSPCA Rutherford Shelter Financial Year 2011/2012 Full Release
35/71/657 28/11/2012 Councillor Expenses Full Release
35/71/592 31/08/2012 Contact information for Office of Environment and Heritage regarding flying fox problem Full Release
35/71/563 21/08/2012 Topographic information relating to Mt Vincent Waste Facility Full Release
35/71/450 10/04/2012 Flying fox problem for the LGA - Plan of management Full Release
35/71/389 31/01/2012 Information in relation to the Mt Vincent Waste Disposal Depot Full Release