Integrated Planning & Reporting

Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) legislation was introduced by the NSW State Government and sets requirements for all Councils to lead the development of long term plans for their city, detailing community aspirations and strategic directions.

Maitland City Council has embraced the opportunities offered by this legislative change to build from past consultative planning efforts and ensure our planning and reporting is informed, relevant and responsive to community needs.

The diagram below represents how we plan to do this.


This section presents a range of Council's important Corporate Documents.

Maitland +10 Community Strategic Plan provides long term priorities of our local community.

The Delivery Program 2013 - 18 (Revised) outlines how Council will contribute to the achievement of the community plan's strategic outcome. Council's annual Operational Plan and Fees and Charges are also available.

The Resourcing Strategy 2013-2017 (Revised) shows our consideration of the staff, assets, money, and technology required to deliver our four year objectives and annual actions, as outlined in the Delivery Program.

We also report every six months 'On the Move' to show how we are working to achieve the Delivery Program.

The Annual Report provides a summary of Council's performance in terms of it's principle functions.

The End of Term Report, 'Growing Together' reflects the progress of Councillors and the committed Council workforce of the four year period.

Each year Council prepares General Purpose Financial Statements and Special Purpose Financial Statements which provide details on Council's audited financial position and operating result for the financial year.

You can find out more about how we plan to keep the community involved in the process. To keep up to date visit Maitland Your Say and register to join the ongoing conversation.