On the Move - Progressing Delivery Program

Essentially, all of Council’s work is targeted toward achieving our community’s goals set out in the community strategic plan ‘Maitland +10’. 

The plan has established a framework for Council to deliver services and undertake new initiatives. Many of the goals require active partnerships with other levels of government, businesses, community groups and individuals.

Council’s full response to community priorities is contained within its Delivery Program 2013-2017. The program lists Council’s objectives for the next four years, as well as the steps to be taken, who will deliver it and performance measures.

Council will be reporting its performance against the Delivery Program every six months. This report, ‘On the move', will be published in November and May each year and outline the significant steps towards achieving our goals.

Click on the links below to view the six monthly documents.

 Issue 9 Nov 2015




Issue 10 May 2016


Issue 11 Nov 2016

Issue 12 May 2017


Issue 5 Nov 2013




Issue 6 May 2014





Issue 7 Nov 2014

Issue 8 May 2015

Issue 1 Nov 2011

Issue 2 May 2012


Issue 3 Nov 2012

Issue 4 May 2013