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Date: 02 August 2017

In a joint campaign between Maitland City Council and the Hunter/Central Coast Regional Illegal Dumping Squad, illegal dumpers have been identified and fined sending a strong message to those that undertake this offence.

During a recent grant project funded by the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative, two offenders were captured on camera illegally dumping.

The first incident involved the dumping of a clothes dryer, microwave and general household waste, while the second involved two clothes dryers, a washing machine and a stove. In total the two offenders were fined $6,000 for transporting waste to a place that could not lawfully receive it.

Council’s Manager of Development and Environment David Simm says, ‘Identifying these offenders sends a clear message to illegal dumpers that the community will not tolerate their city being made into an eyesore. The community has been made aware of the RID squad phone number and complaints are providing valuable information to assist in directing our investigations.

‘The irony of these two incidents is that most of the material chosen to be illegally dumped was metal and could have been disposed of at the Mt Vincent Waste Management Centre for free.’

In addition to the fines for illegal dumping, Council will require the offenders to return and clean up any illegally dumped waste at their own cost via a clean up notice. On the spot fines for failure to comply with a clean up notice start at $4,000 and repeat or serious offenders may find themselves facing Local Court, where fines can be up to $110,000.

If you’ve witnessed illegal dumping around Maitland, go to and report it.