Local Government Election

A Local Government Election was held in Maitland on Saturday 9 September 2017. The Australian Election Company assisted in the management and conduct of the election for Maitland City Council.


Local Government (General) Regulation 2005

Clause 356 (7)


I, David Evans, Election Manager, notify that at the election of Mayor; and for three (3) Councillors for Central Ward; three (3) Councillors for East Ward; three (3) Councillors for North Ward; three (3) Councillors for West Ward of the Maitland City Council held on the ninth (9th) day of September, 2017, the result of the poll was as set out in Schedule 1.

I further notify that detailed results are available on the Election Manager's internet (Council) website and for inspection at the Office of Maitland City Council. The detailed results are also available on the Election Provider's website at www.austelect.com

David Evans
22 / 09 / 2017


Maitland City Council Office Full Name of Candidate
Mayor BAKER, Loretta
Councillor, Central Ward FERRIS, Donald Jeffrey
Councillor, Central Ward HALLIDAY, Sally
Councillor, Central Ward PENFOLD, Phillip Austin
Councillor, East Ward GARNHAM, Ronald Peter
Councillor, East Ward WHITING, Benjamin John
Councillor, East Ward RANADIVE, Kanchan Suhas
Councillor, North Ward AITCHISON, Robert John
Councillor, North Ward GRIFFIN, Mitchel Cameron
Councillor, North Ward YARRINGTON, Michael Anthony
Councillor, West Ward MESKAUSAS, Henry
Councillor, West Ward PENFOLD, Nicole Elizabeth
Councillor, West Ward MITCHELL, Ben John

Final Election Results 

Mayoral Count

Central Ward Councillors

East Ward Councillors

North Ward Councillors

West Ward Councillors



Mayoral Nominations

Candidate Information Sheets 

 Councillor Nominations - Central Ward

Candidate Information Sheets 

Councillor Nominations - West Ward

Candidate Information Sheets 


Councillor Nominations - East Ward

Candidate Information Sheets 

Councillor Nominations - North Ward

Candidate Information Sheets 

Names as drawn by Ballot