Maitland City Council's Policy Register draws together all administrative and operational policies of Council. The policies, along with many other internal and external documents, set the framework within which Council fulfils its service and regulatory responsibilities under relevant statutes. 

Broiler Farms Code
Building Line & Fencing - Radburn Estate Thornton
Clothing Bins
Control of Burning Policy
Food Surveillance Policy
Material Public Benefit / Works in Kind
 Mobile Food in Public Places Policy
Road & Locality Naming
Special Events
Temporary Banners over Public Roads
Acquisitions for Maitland Regional Gallery
Collections Policy for Maitland Regional Gallery
Exhibitions Programs for Maitland Regional Gallery
Loan of Works Policy for Maitland Regional Gallery
Maitland Public Art Policy
Sponsorship Policy for Maitland Regional Gallery
Asset Management Policy
Banner Pole Usage Policy
Cemetery Policy
Ministers Park LED Sign Usage Policy
Council Land & Buildings
Community Garden Policy
LEP's & Council Land
Ministers Park Tree Planting Policy
Noise Levels Associated with Hire of Town Hall
Rationalisation of Surplus Community Land
Vandalism Reporting Policy
Corporate Matters
 Activating Laneways Policy
Complaint Management Policy
Copyright Policy 
Council Services and Facilities - Christmas and New Year Policy
Events Policy 
Filming Protocol
Flying of Flags
Hall of Fame Policy
Maitland City Service Awards
Maitland Gaol Sponsorship Policy 
Media Policy 
Receipt of Petitions Policy
Right to Information Policy
Social Media Policy 
Sponsorship Policy
Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy
Welcome to & Acknowledgement of Country
Loans to Not for Profit Organisations 
Section 356 - Community Grants Program
Credit Facilities - Waste Depot
Investment Policy
Applications for Development and/or Construction Certificates - Councillors & Staff
Code of Conduct
Code of Meeting Practice
Councillor Record Keeping Policy
Designated Persons Duties of Disclosure
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy
Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Councillors
Privacy Management Plan 
Procurement Policy
Public Interest Disclosures - Internal Reporting Policy
Records Management
Health Matters
Domestic Waste Collection Service / Issue of Mobile Garbage Bins
Integrated Resource Recovery & Waste Management Strategy
Keeping of Animals
Mobile Garbage Bins
Human Resources & Work, Health & Safety
Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy
Child Protection Policy
Corporate Wardrobe
Defence Leave Policy 
Recognition of Long Serving Employees
Equity, Diversity and Respect Policy
Special Emergency Service Leave Policy
Untaken Sick Leave
Work Health & Safety Policy
Workplace Surveillance Policy 
Conduct of Maitland City Library Service
Library Collection Management Policy
Maitland City Library Public Internet Access Policy
Planning & Environmental Matters
Community Stalls at Flagship Events Policy
Management of Feral and/or Infant Animals Policy 
Model Asbestos Policy
Noxious Weeds
On-Site Sewage Management Policy
Planning Agreements Policy 2006
Regulation and Compliance Policy
Tourist Attraction & Service Signage Guidelines
Plant & Equipment
Plant & Equipment Replacement
Private Use of Motor Vehicles
Sale of Obsolete Council Property

Private Works

Private Pipelines in Road Reserve
Provision of Works & Services to Outside Bodies
Adjustment of Rates Following a Change in Category of Land
Debt Recovery (Rates Charges)
Hardship (Rates Charges)
Pensioner Concession
Alcohol Policy - Sportsgrounds Facilities & Reserves
Buskers' Code of Conduct
Bowling Clubs - Lease of Public Reserves
Coaching at Olympic Pool
Closure of Sporting Facilities
Compulsory Keep Watch Wristbands at Council’s Aquatic Facilities Policy
External Running Costs
Fees & Charges Policy - Sportsgrounds, Facilities & Reserves
Fitness Groups and Personal Trainers Policy 
Mt Pleasant Street
Naming and Renaming Of Buildings Parks and Reserves
Practice Wickets & Goal Posts - Location of in Public Parks
Restriction of Use when Swimming Club Use Pool
Smoke Free Outdoor Area Policy
Sponsorship Signage Within Recreation Facilities Policy 
Risk Management & Insurance
Risk Management Policy 
Activities on Public Roads
Improvements Over Drainage / Urban Drainage
Kerb Guttering & Footpath - Charges 
Management of Trees on Public Land
Method of Determining Routine Maintenance Contributions for Extractive Industries
Roadside Tributes
Roadside Environment Policy
Street Lighting Rurally Zoned Areas