Family History Enquiries

History of Council Cemeteries 

Council’s Burial records were those received when taking over the management of the cemeteries in the 1970s. Control of public cemeteries was altered by the Local Government Amendment Act No. 52 (Control of Cemeteries) which appointed Councils throughout New South Wales as Trustees of public cemeteries in their area.Up to this time, local parishes/church trustees conducted burials. Council requested all records from churches, funeral directors, and gravediggers, however not all were received. Please note that all Council’s cemeteries have “unknown” and “unmarked’ graves. Burial records prior to the 1970s are incomplete making it difficult in some cases to be sure where a person has been interred. Please refer to Council's Burial Register for further information.

Family History Enquiries

For family history enquiries, please contact Council's Cemetery Officer on 4934 9770 or email:

Alternatively you can contact the Maitland & Beyond Family History Inc. They are open every Wednesday and Saturday between 9.30am - 3.00pm.

Contact Details: 

Phone: 02 4905 1878 

Address: PO Box 247 Maitland NSW 2320