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Walls That Talk - Heroes

A hero comes in many shapes and sizes. We look up to them because they have special qualities. They show courage when facing problems, but can still be afraid and have imperfections. Often they are shown to have super human powers, but just as often they will be regular people with special strength and wisdom.

To celebrate Maitland City Library's new digital graphic novel and comic collection Comics Plus Library Edition, Maitland Library is featuring comic book characters on its exterior walls as part of the Walls That Talk programme

 Astro Boy is a child robot who suffered greatly as a child, but eventually was recued by a kind professor. After becoming aware of his superpowers he went on to fight crime and injustice, mainly in the form of robots gone mad and alien invaders    
Astro Boy (1963)
 Betty Boop (1930)  Flash Gordon (1934)
 The Green Hornet (1940)  Popeye (1938)  Miss Fury (1941)
 Optimus Prime (1984)  Phantom (1936)  Hellboy (2003)

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