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Public access computers are available at each Maitland City Library branch providing access to Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. Using the computers is free of charge but we encourage you to make a booking in advance.

WiFi access is available free of charge at all branch libraries. 

Our Conditions for use for public access computers outlines the guidelines for using computers at all branches of Maitland City Library including booking, printing, saving to disk and acceptable use.

Library staff will assist users in using Microsoft applications, printing and accessing electronic information.  Commitment to serving all Library customers may not allow extended instruction in computer use.

Users may save information to flash drives.  These may be the user’s own or a flash drive purchased from the library.  Please see our fees and charges for current pricing

Printing is charged on a per page basis. Please see our fees and charges.

Get Connected

Get Connected is a series of free learning sessions to begin developing your computer skills.  The sessions are delivered by Library staff with plenty of hands-on participation.  

The following is a list of our courses

Social Media 1  An overview of what social media isand what you can do with popular sites
such as Facebook and Twitter

Social Media 2 Setting up profiles and adding videos and photos to social media sites
Internet An overview of the internet including searching, understanding what you find
on the internet and staying safe online
Email From creating and email to sending, receiving and managing your email messages

Smartphones & Tablets Learn about mobile computing, touch screens, apps and other features of these devices

Word processing Be comfortable with the keyboard, change the text, check the spelling and create 
professional looking documents

eResources Start reading with Maitland City Library's online library from history to research to eBooks, eMagazines, eMusic and eAudio

Online shopping & banking Tips for buying and paying for items safely online

Mini training session Choose a topic from the sessions available to focus on just the information you need.
Contact the Library staff to arrange a time


Contact us to talk to library staff to discuss attending any of our computer classes

Get Connected is based on Telstra's Everyone Connected initiative