Management & Disposal of Domestic Sharps

We all realise how dangerous syringes and needles can be and that they should be kept secure and separate from other waste and disposed of properly.

Sharps should never be placed in the domestic waste or recycling collection bins. If they make their way into the domestic wastestream they pose a hazard to both workers and the general public.

In order to ensure the safe disposal of used sharps, sharps disposal bins are located at Maitland Hospital, Lawes Street, East Maitland and Rutherford Community Centre.

Use a yellow sharps container or other similar sized appropriate puncture resistant container (eg heavy durty plastic, not glass).  Store the container out of reach of children.

Map of Sharps Sites Across Maitland (PDF - 177kb)

 A Guide to the Safe Disposal of Community Sharps in Maitland (PDF - 892kb)

 Sharps Disposal Sites Across NSW