Earthworks Best Practice Campaign

Maitland City Council has joined forces with other Hunter and Central Coast Councils to target illegal earthworks (cutting and filling).

A campaign is underway to raise the awareness of residents and businesses of the risks that unapproved earthworks can pose to properties and the environment.

By talking to Council before undertaking earthworks, residents can ensure that correct approvals are obtained and risks are managed such as:

  • Flooding
  • Property devaluing
  • Pollution to waterways
  • Contaminated fill
  • Damaged vegetation
  • Hefty fines

Further information on earthworks and consent requirements can be found in the following factsheet Earthworks - Do You Need Approval.

As part of the regional earthworks campaign earthmoving businesses are being reminded of their legal responsibilities to protect the environment.

Information on ways earthmovers can protect the environment when undertaking earthworks can be found in the following factsheet Best

For more information on earthworks please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 4934 9700.