Illegal Dumping and Littering

Illegal Dumping

 Maitland City Council is working with other Councils of the Hunter and Central Coast Region and the Environmental Protection Authority to protect our bushland, parks and urban centres from illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping:-

  • Pollutes our environment
  • Creates an eyesore
  • Lowers community pride
  • Is a potential fire hazard
  • Attracts other illegal behaviour
  • Is a health and safety hazard
  • Increases the spread of weeds and pests
  • Costs Councils and the community money

Council encourages residents to make use of the many waste and recycling services on offer.

Help catch illegal dumpers by reporting to or call the EPA's Environment Line on 131555 or Council on 49349700.  By providing information such as the time of day, registration number of the car, description of the person and any other information you could help identify an offender.

'This project is a NSW Environmental Protection Authorities Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy'.

Find out more about the consequences of illegal dumping and ways you can help by reading the following brochure:


Did you know that dropping any item, whether it be small or large from a motor vehicle or on the ground directly is considered littering.

It's easy to prevent littering everyday by:

  • putting your rubbish in the bin
  • taking your rubbish with you if no bin is available
  • keeping a bag in the car to collect rubbish
  • putting your cigarette butts in a butt bin, or ordinary litter bin once extinguished
  • keeping a container in the car to collect cigarette butts.

Should a person be observed littering, on the spot fines can be issued. Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act the following fines apply:

  • $80 for littering small items, such as bottle tops and cigarette butts
  • $250 for general littering
  • $250 for an individual littering from a vehicle ($500 for corporations)
  • $450 for littering in dangerous circumstances, such as depositing a syringe or a lit cigarette ($900 for corporations).

Should you observe someone dropping litter from a motor vehicle you can report the offence to the NSW Environmental Protection Authority. To find out what details you need to record or to report an incident click here.

Accepting Fill on Your Land

If you plan to buy or accept fill onto your property it is important to be aware of where the fill has come from. If you accept contaminated fill you may harm the health of your family, permanently devalue your property or face substantial clean-up costs.

Click here for a simple checklist to follow when accepting clean fill onto your land.