Maitland Greening Plan

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Greening Plan Fact Sheets

To view the Greening Plan Fact Sheets, please download the PDF documents below:

Greening Plan Implementation Group

To find out about the Greening Plan Implemenation Group please download the following document:

Summary of completed Greening Plan Projects

To view a summary of projects completed under the Maitland Greening Plan, please download the documents below:

Native Seedling Distribution Program

The Native Seedling Distribution Program provides residents of the Maitland Local Government Area with native seedlings.

Residential property owners are encouraged to attend seedling giveaway events throughout the year where they can receive up to four native tubestock species to take away and plant in their gardens. Visit the Environmental Calendar for the next giveaway event.

Rural property owners are able to contact Council at any time to request native seedlings. When property owners contact Council an assessment will be made as to the number and type of species suitable for your particular rural property. Council will deliver the seedlings to individual properties once they are available. 

How the community can get involved

To learn more about what the Maitland Greening Plan is about and to find out how you can become involved in greening Maitland contact Councils Environmental Strategy and Programs Team on 02 4934 9700.