Water Management

Australia is one of the driest continents in the world.  As a result the demand for limited water resources by various water users places pressure on our water storages.

Council encourages all within the community to play their part in reducing water use by considering water usage patterns and making positive behavioral changes to reduce water use.

How Much Water Do I Use


Toilet 11 litres single flush
11/6 litres dual flush
Bath 50 to 120 litres (half full)
Shower 70 to 160 litres per eight minutes
Dishwashing by hand 12 to 15 litres per wash

Washing Machine

* front loader

23 litres per kg of dry weight
* top loader 31 litres per kg of dry weight
Hand Basin 5 litres 
Tap running while cleaning teeth 5 litres
Watering the garden with a hose 600-900 litres per hour
Using a garden sprinkler Up to 1,500 litres per hour
Washing a car with a hose 100-300 litres
Dripping tap 200 litres per day
Leaking pipe 300 litres per day from a 1.5mm hole

To reduce you current water use consider implementing the following simple measures:

  • repair leaking taps as soon as they are identified;
  • install flow restrictors to taps to reduce the flow rate of water;
  • install a low flow showerhead and take shorter showers;
  • do not leave the tap running when cleaning your teeth and shaving;
  • install a dual flush toilet and use the half flush option when appropriate;
  • do not fill the bathtub to the top;
  • when replacing water using appliances purchase appliances with a high water saving rating;
  • wash your car/boat/caravan on the grass and with a bucket rather than with a hose;
  • to reduce the evaporation of water from pools use a pool cover;
  • install a water tank to allow the collection of rainwater for use on your garden;
  • use a broom rather than hosing pathways clean;
  • install tap timers and drip irrigation equipment in the garden to prevent the over watering of plants;
  • water gardens in the early morning or late afternoon to prevent the evaporation of water from garden beds;
  • water the roots rather than the leaves of plants;
  • use mulch on garden beds to prevent evaporation of water from the garden.  This will also prevent the growth of weeds which would otherwise compete with plants for water resources;
  • plant native vegetation species as they require less watering than exotics as they are more suited to our climate and environment.

Download Councils Water Saving Brochure Below:

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