Trees on roadsides and reserves

Introduction | Assessment of existing trees | Tree limbs overhanging private property | Damage to private infrastructure by trees under Council's responsibility | Possible termite/pest activity in trees | Tree maintenance | Tree maintenance by residents | Planting of new trees | Requests for new trees | Identification of need | Selecting the right location for your new tree | Preferred species | Preferred species list | Tree planting and tree care

Trees on road sides and reserves


Trees are a valuable asset in any city’s environment as they enhance its appearance and improve its air quality. The efficient management of a city’s trees is necessary to ensure the amenity value of these assets is maintained, but also, any possible damage these trees may cause to the built environment or health or safety risks the trees may cause to the community is identified and managed.

Likewise, any proposed plantings must be appropriately considered to ensure that a safe, healthy and attractive streetscape is maintained for the future.

The information supplied has been prepared to assist residents, property owners, contractors, developers, Council officers and other service authorities in planting, managing and maintaining trees located on Maitland City Council’s public road, recreation land, and public land under Council’s control.

NOTE: Trees located within private property are managed under Council’s ‘Tree Preservation Order’ which is currently administered by Council’s Service Planning & Regulation Group.