Requests for new trees

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Requests for New Trees

Requests for new tree planting from members of the community will be considered. Where Council is in receipt of a written request, a site inspection will be carried out by the Tree Works Officer to determine the appropriateness of the proposed new planting, the site suitability and to identify the species to be planted. Once approved, the resident can undertake the tree planting.

All requests from the community for new tree plantings on footpaths and reserves will be considered by Council, provided the site is suitable, and funding is available, for a tree or shrub that is consistent with this ‘Management of Trees on Public Land Procedure’.

Any new or replacement tree plantings requested by residents would normally be carried out by Council between June and September. The residents may also undertake the planting of the tree supplied if they desire.

The trees are also to be selected from Council’s preferred species list, and be consistent with existing landscapes and streetscapes (see Section 4.2 and Annexure 4).

Supply of trees/plants will be subject to the availability of funding from the annual budget.

Requests for Council to undertake a street tree planting program will be considered in either current or future budgets, subject to site suitability and available funding.  When planning new plantings, consideration will be given to planting avenues of trees and/or group plantings.

Watering of the planted tree will be the resident’s responsibility until the tree is established.

Note: Tree plantings for new developments and subdivisions are considered by Council’s Service Planning & Regulation Group as part of the development approval process.

To identify an appropriate tree for a location the following evaluation tools are provided. Please refer to:
Identification of need
Selecting the right location for your new tree
Preferred Species
Preferred species list
Tree planting and tree care