Strategic Planning

For many people the planning process is something that only affects them when they are notified about a developemnt near their home.  But in reality planning influences our everday lives - the houses we live in, the open spaces we all enjoy, the historic buildings that we protect and admire, and the shops and facilities that we visit - all are a result of strategic planning and policy decisions.

The key focus of strategic land use planning in Maitland is the development of a framework for the City's future.  This involves planning and managing population growth and preparing strategies and plans for new and renewing areas.

The City Strategy Team prepares the land use strategies for Council, including the Maitland Urban Settlement Strategy and Maitland Rural Strategy.  This team is responsible for rezoning land and the implementation of structure plans, urban revitalisation strategies and planning reforms.  In particular, the key project for the City Strategy Team over the past 4 years has been the preparation, exhibition and notification of the new Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011.

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