Issue Based Strategies

Affordable and Adaptable Housing Action Plan

R=The provision of affordable and adaptable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing Maitland and many local areas across Australia.  The process of securing the right type of affordable housing that meets local needs, in a manner that is compatible with local character, is complex and strongly influenced by the local housing market, and population, economic and development conditions.  There is no 'one size fits all' solution nor is any one party solely responsible for its delivery.

The action plan sets out objectives, followed by a range of strategies and actions Council and other stakeholders can implement for each objective, to achieve the vision of providing diverse and affordable housing options in Maitland available throughout all life stages.  The action plan is based on a review of the demographic and housing issues, statutory and strategic planning frameworks and international research and best practice relating to affordable and adaptable housing provision.

As planned changes to the framework occur in the future, such as the onset of a new Planning Act for NSW, the action will need to be updated to ensure the outcomes are consistent with the planning system within which housing is planned and developed.

Public Domain Design Code and Technical Manual

A A key recommendation of the High Street Master Plan and Laneways Action Plan was to prepare a Public Domain Design Code and Technical Manual.  The purpose of the code is to provide a framework so that decisions made about works in the public domain are consistent and complementary.

Council has commenced the preparation of the code.  The code is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

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