Thornton North Structure Plan

Volume 1

Contains a summary of the key issues and considerations for land use in the Thornton North area. It contains the Structure Plan for the study area.

Several figures are referred to throughout the Structure Plan. Please click on the thumbnails below to view full size images:

Study Area Context Key Opportunities and Constraints
Study Area Context Key
(PDF - 2.5MB)
Opportunities and Constraints
(PDF - 1.4MB)
Visual and Landscape Analysis Open Space
Visual and Landscape Analysis
(PDF - 685kb)
Open Space
(PDF - 2.3MB)
Circulation Thornton North Master Plan
(PDF - 338kb)
Thornton North Structure Plan
(PDF - 6MB)

Volume 2 - Background Report

Provides more detailed information on a range of subjects, with the exception of traffic, which has formed the basis for the Structure Plan. It includes details of the public consultation process and responses from key government authorities.

Figure 1 - Study Area Figure 2 - Existing Landuse
Figure 1 - Study Area
(JPG - 81kb)
Figure 2 - Existing Landuse
(GIF - 85kb)
Figure 3 - Land Use Zones Figure 4 - Flood Extent
Figure 3 - Land Use Zones
(GIF - 125kb)
Figure 4 - Flood Extent
(GIF - 113kb)
Figure 5 - Stormwater Drainage Figure 6 - Visual & Landscape Analysis
Figure 5 - Stormwater Drainage
(JPG - 111kb)
Figure 6 - Visual & Landscape Analysis
(JPG - 90kb)
Figure 7 - Indicative Sewer Strategy  
Figure 7 - Indicative Sewer Strategy
(GIF - 87kb)

Volume 3 Traffic Impact Assessment

Provides the traffic report which forms the basis for traffic recommendations in the Structure Plan Cover Page Traffic Impact Assessment.