Preparing/Lodging a Development Application

Your building, new home or addition is important to you or your client. For this reason, and in the interests of maintaining a high standard of service and effective processing times, Maitland City Council asks that you ensure your Development Application is complete upon lodgement. To assist you in ensuring that your application is complete, we have developed a matrix style check system, which is located in our new Application Forms.

Please ensure that you carefully read through the Application Guide, ascertain the type of Application you are lodging, and then ensure that you supply all the documentation listed in the Matrix under your type of Application. There are plenty of easy to understand explanations in our new Development Application Guide.

Maitland City Council would like to advise that from 1 July 2015 onwards, each Application needs to be accompanied by a USB stick/CD which contains your whole application (completed form, plans and associated documentation). We ask that prior to lodgement, you ensure that you have read and fully understand the Development Application Guide, and that your Application Form is complete and all relevant documents and plans are scanned onto the USB stick/CD. This should be accompanied by 1 hard copy of all plans and documentation, stamped by Hunter Water where required. You can then submit your application by lodging in person or posting it to us, together with your payment (please obtain a fee quote by phoning or emailing Council’s Customer Service Centre on 4939 7000, For businesses who lodge multiple applications each year, please mark your USB stick and we will send them back to you in bulk. CDs will be destroyed.