Development Control Plans


The Maitland Development Control 2011 is currently under review. The review is intended to remove redundant provisions, consolidate existing provisions and update others to reflect changes in planning policy and best practice. The development control plan will also adopt a new format that will make the plan easier to interpret, apply and maintain.

There are several areas of the existing plan that require urgent review and implementation. Therefore, it is intended to update the development control plan in stages as parts of the document are drafted and exhibited. This will mean that there will be multiple formats within the document and duplication and conflicts between provisions until the review is completed.

The following principles will generally apply during the review period:

  1. Where a DCP2011 provision conflicts with a new provision, the new provision will apply.
  2. Where a new provision is similar to, or duplicates a provision in DCP2011, only the new provision applies.
  3. Where an area-based provision applies and conflicts with a DCP2011 provision, the area-based provision applies.

It is recommended that you regularly visit this page to ensure that you are using the latest version of the DCP. If you require any assistance in interpreting the development control plan please contact Council’s Duty Planner on (02) 4934 9827 or visit the Council Administration Building between 8.30am and 12.30pm.

Development Control Plan

Table of Contents and Amendment History (PDF - 203kb)

Part A Administration (PDF - 806kb)
Part B1 Environmental Guidelines - Introduction (PDF - 193kb)
Part B2 Domestic Stormwater (PDF - 1.8mb)
Part B3 Hunter River Floodplain Management (PDF - 414kb)
Part B3a Hunter River Floodplain Management Maps (Flood Extent) (PDF - 12mb)
Part B3b Hunter River Floodplain Management Maps (Flood Depth) (PDF - 10mb)
Part B3c Hunter River Floodplain Management Maps (Flood Velocity) (PDF - 10mb)
Part B3d Hunter River Floodplain Management Maps (Hydraulic Category) (PDF - 11mb)
Part B3e Hunter River Floodplain Management Maps (Hazard Category) (PDF - 12mb)
Part B4 On-site Sewage Management Systems (PDF - 588kb)
Part B5 Tree Management (PDF - 318kb)
Part B6 Waste Not - Site Waste Minimisation and Management (PDF - 315kb)
Part B7 Riparian land and Waterways (PDF - 1.6mb)
Part C Design Guidelines (PDF - 16.8mb)
Part D Locality Plans (PDF - 1.7mb)
Part E Special Precincts (PDF - 10.2mb)
Part F1 Urban Release Areas 2011 (PDF - 0.7mb)
Part F2 Urban Release Areas 2011 (PDF - 0.4mb)
Part F3 Urban Release Areas 2011 Aberglassyn (PDF - 1.8mb)
Part F4 Urban Release Areas 2011 Anambah Employment (PDF - 0.9mb)
Part F5 Urban Release Areas 2011 Gillieston Heights (PDF - 1.1mb)
Part F6 Urban Release Areas 2011 Largs (PDF - 0.9mb)
Part F7 Urban Release Areas 2011 Thornton North (PDF - 3.4mb)
Part F8 Urban Release Areas 2011 Anambah Road (PDF - 0.7mb)
Part F9 Urban Release Areas 2011 Lochinvar (PDF - 6.7mb)
Part F10 Urban Release Areas 2011 Louth Park (PDF - 1.9mb)
Part F11 Urban Release Areas 2011 Farley (PDF - 2.4mb)