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In July 2011, the NSW Government established an independent panel to undertake a review of the planning system in NSW.

The aim of the review is to create a new planning system in consultation with stakeholders and the community that meets today's needs and priorities.

For more information please visit http://www.planningreview.nsw.gov.au/


Development Proposals that have been submitted to the Council and although not designated under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, are notified for public comment, are now available for inspection within the ‘On Notification’ area of Council’s Application Tracker. These can also be viewed at Council’s Customer Service Centre.

Written submissions on these proposals should be lodged with Council by the above 'Submissions Close' date. Certain information held by Council may be made available or released to members of the public upon application and/or included in the public forum. If you wish to keep your personal details confidential, you must request this in writing within your submission. Council cannot guarantee that your details will remain confidential if it is considered within the public interest to release this information, however, in this circumstance Council will consult you prior to the release of any personal details.


To check for approvals that require notification, please refer to Development Control Plan 37 - Advertising/Notification of Development Applications.

Suburb File No. Location Proposal Submissions Close

East Maitland/



DA 15-2849 

Lot 2 DP1090329 - 323 Raymond Terrace Road

Lot 3 DP1090329 - 1 Metford Road


Subdivision - Two (2) Lots into Seven (7) Lots  11 April 2017 
      Statement of Environmental Effects  
      Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment Report   

If a development application is for integrated development then the notification period is 28 days. Applications that require notification will be advertised and published in the Maitland Mercury, either on a Monday or Thursday and any adjoining landowner or property that Council may consider to be effected by your development will be notified.

Any person can submit a written submission, which must be received by Council within the notification period.


The following development proposal has been submitted to the Council and is notified as Designated and Integrated Development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979:


Joint Regional Planning Panels came into force on the 1st July 2009. These panels were established by the NSW Department of Planning as independent bodies to determine regionally significant Development Applications as prescribed by Schedule 4A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and include:

  • Development with a capital investment value (CIV) over $20 million
  • The following development with a CIV over $5 million:
  • Particular designated development
  • Certain coastal subdivisions

The following development applications (DA) have been lodged with the Council under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.

Suburb File No. Location Proposal Submissions Close

The following development application (DA) have been submitted to the Joint Regional Planning Panel for assessment.

Suburb File No. Location Proposal Submissions Close




An important part of this process is ensuring that local residents, local organisations and other stakeholders are informed about what is happening and enable everyone to Have Their Say on the future of Maitland.

To view any draft Strategic Planning Strategies, Plans and Policies currently on exhibition scroll down below. Hard copies of the consultation document are also available during business hours at Council's Administration Building, Maitland Central Library and all of Council's branch libraries.

If you wish to comment on any strategic planning documents currently on exhibition you should do so in writing. Submissions must be received by 4.30pm on the final day of consultation and should be addressed to the General Manager, Maitland City Council, PO Box 220, Maitland 2320, or emailed to strategicplanning@maitland.nsw.gov.au quoting the relevant reference number.