Lochinvar Investigation Area

The Lochinvar Structure Plan has been prepared and adopted by Council to establish the framework for future growth and development of the Lochinvar area.  The next process is investigating the land in finer detail to determine the future land use zones and development opportunities within the investigation area.

This requires the cumulative impacts of the development of the study area to be assessed.  As such, an Environmental Study is to be prepared for the whole of the study area to provide the next level of detail including possible zone boundaries, road hierarchies, development precincts and infrastructure needs.

Due to the size of the Lochinvar study area and the number of individual landowners, a reference group has been established to progress the preparation of the environmental studies.

The scope of the studies will be determined in consultation with Council, Government Agencies and the reference group, with the studies to be prepared and submitted to Council for assessment.  The studies will then be referred to the Government Agencies for their review and placed on public exhibition for consideration.

The environmental studies will provide the detailed framework for a strategic plan and contribute towards the development of precinct plans for the future staged release of land.  It is intended that the land will be identified as an Urban Release Area with some land identified for immediate rezoning in conjunction with the implementation of the Maitland LEP 2011.  A staging plan will identify the potential rezoning and release of the remaining development precincts.

The progression of the statutory rezoning process will be incorporated into the development of the Maitland LEP 2011.


 Lochinvar Reference Group

The purpose of the Reference Group is to be a point of contact between Council, landowners and the community on planning matters affecting Lochinvar.  It will provide an opportunity for the decisions of the Council to be informed by the views and knowledge of the community and landowners.  The Reference Group will act as an advisory committee reporting directly to Council.

The Reference Group has a membership comprising 3 residents of Lochinvar, 3 landowners/representatives of holdings in the proposed Lochinvar Urban Release Area and 3 Councillors.


Minutes 2 March 2009 (PDF - 16kb)
Minutes 6 April 2009 (PDF - 24kb)
Minutes 11 May 2009 (PDF - 20kb)
Amended Minutes 11 May 2009 (PDF - 21kb)
Minutes 10 August 2009 (PDF - 23kb)
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Meeting Notes 12 April 2010 (PDF - 12kb)
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Minutes 16 August 2010 (PDF - 29.8kb)
Minutes 20 October 2010 (PDF - 25.9kb)

If you wish to make comment on the above please email to strategicplanning@maitland.nsw.gov.au.


Group 1 - no additional investigations
For the majority landowners in Lochinvar, the necessary environmental investigations were undertaken during the preparation of the Lochinvar Structure Plan.  The areas which are currently zoned 2(a) Residential or where there is substantial urban development do not need to have any additional studies at this time.  These areas are shown in Map 1 - Existing Urban Areas.

The proposed outcomes of the Lochinvar Structure Plan will be implemented through the preparation of Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011.

Group 2 - submitted rezoning investigations
On certain other land as shown in the Map 2 - Rezoning Applications, detailed environmental studies have taken place.  These studies have been submitted to Council with a rezoning request from the landowner.  Council has noted these studies and the rezoning request.

It is the resolution of Council that these zoning requests be considered with all land in the Lochinvar Structure Plan for the Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011.

Group 3 - further investigations required
These areas form part of the Lochinvar Structure Plan and a land use change from rural to urban is being investigated (see Map 3 - Areas requiring further investigation).  These investigations need to be informed by specialist environmental studies to determine the suitability of urban development with consideraton to biodiversity, drainage, heritage, possible site contamination and other matters.

It is the preparation of these studies which the Reference Group has considered to be necessary for the progression of the rezoning.  Without sufficient information, rezoning of these areas may not be possible.

In order to progress with the rezoning, Council is seeking information about the willingness land landowners in Group 3 to contribute towards environmental studies for their land.  The cost of the environmental studies will be determined once landowners have given a response, with costs to be apportioned based on the number of landowners involved.

Council's protocol for the preparation of studies makes provision for these investigations may be initiated by Council or by a group of landowners.  It has not yet been determined who will initiate the investigations.

Map 1 (PDF - 58kb)
Map 2 (PDF - 54kb)
Map 3 (PDF - 77kb)

To view the Terms of Reference for Lochinvar Urban Release Area Reference Group please click on the link below:

Terms of Reference (PDF - 9.64kb)