Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011

Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011

The LEP contains clauses that establish the permissibility of land uses (e.g. detached dwelling) in different land use zones (e.g. R1 General Residential).  It also contains clauses that affect how development is designed and carried out.  Some of these controls are prescriptive and non-negotiable.  Others are advisory and may be varied where Council determines there is merit to do so.

The Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011 is supported by a series of maps.  These maps are themed and typically refer to a clause in the plan.  For example the LZN map series refers to land use zones and clause 2.3, the HOB maps series refers to the height of buildings and clause 4.3 and FSR refers to floor space ratio and clause 4.4.

A copy of these maps can be downloaded from the NSW Governments legislation webside at:-


Map series Development issue Relevant cluase in MLEP 2011
ASS Acid sulfate soils C7.1
LAP Land application C1.3
FLD Flood planning C7.3
FSR Floor space ratio C4.4
HOB Height of buildings C4.3
HER Heritage C5.10
LRA Land reservation C5.1A
LZN Land use zone C2.3
LSZ Lot sizes C4.1
WCL Watercourses C7.4
MRA Mineral resources C7.5
URA Urban release area


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