Frequently asked questions

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Who inspects my premises?

The owner must ensure that a suitably qualified person/company inspects the building/premises for each fire safety measure. The choice of person to carry out an assessment or inspection is up to the owner. The person who carries out an assessment must inspect and verify the performance of each fire safety measure being assessed.

How do I lodge an AFSS?

Complete all sections on the AFSS form available on this website, or available at Council’s Customer Service. Check the form for accuracy and completeness and lodge the form with Council.

A copy of the AFSS together with the fire safety schedule must also be electronically lodged with the Commissioner of Fire & Rescue NSW at .

What does it cost to lodge an AFSS?

Council does not currently charge fees applicable to lodgement of an AFSS, however this may be subject to future review.

There is no charge to lodge the AFSS and fire safety schedule with Fire & Rescue NSW.