Coronation Oval Plan of Management

A Coronation Oval Sporting Complex is a local level sporting and recreation reserve catering to the Telarah community and surrounding suburbs. The Sporting Complex provides active and passive recreation opportunities and is will used by local sporting clubs and the local community.

This Plan of Management provides a strategic framework for managing the reserve's leisure and recreation facilities over the next 10 years. Management actions are proposed to meet the current and future needs of the reserves resources, improve the amenity of the grounds and enhance the reserve's value to the community.

 For a complete copy of the Plan of Management please download the following document - Coronation Oval POM.


Maitland Youth Spaces Strategy

A recent review of Council’s skate park facilities has resulted in the development of a long term strategy and management plan for youth spaces across the City, focused on current and future needs. The draft strategy and plan give direction on facilities such as skate parks and BMX tracks, and propose options for future design and maintenance of these sites. For further information regarding the Maitland Youth Spaces Strategy please contact Council’s Community & Recreation Services Section, phone (02) 49349700.

Maitland Park Plan of Management and Master Plan

Maitland Park is the premier parkland of the Maitland Local Government Area. It provides a unique combination of active and passive recreation facilities, parkland and heritage elements. The Park is also a rare example of a democratically run 19th century park and contains a number of important monuments and heritage items, some of which are of state significance.

Maitland Park is regularly used by the community for sports such as cricket, netball, swimming, hockey, croquet, touch football, soccer, triathlon and lawn bowls. The surrounding parklands are a popular setting for picnics, walking, jogging and other passive recreation pursuits. The Park is also a popular venue for community events including Anzac Day celebrations, Australia Day festivities and other community gatherings.

The Plan of Management provides a strategic framework for conserving the Park's historic and cultural values and to promote public leisure and recreation over the next 10 years. Management actions are proposed to meet the current and future demands for the Park's resources and facilities, improve the amenity of the parklands, enhance the Park's values and respond to the needs of the community.

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Maitland Recreation and Open Space Strategy

The Maitland Recreation and Open Space Strategy (MROSSR, 2004) seeks to provide a clear vision and direction regarding the purpose, level of provision, development priorities and management of recreational open space areas in the Maitland local government area (LGA).

The recommendations in this report provide strategic direction regarding priority actions to achieve the vision over the next 5-10 years. The recommendations are based on a combination of community consultation, a survey distributed to all households and the Maitland LGA, review of national data and experience.  

For further information regarding the Maitland Recreation and Open Space Strategy please contact Council’s Recreation Planner, phone (02) 49349700.

Maitland Accessible Accommodation and Recreation Guide

Please download the following document:

Maitland Bike Plan

This Bike Plan supersedes the 1996 Bicycle Plan and through its Mission Statement aims to: “Create a network of safe and practical cycleways that encourages the community and its visitors to cycle rather than drive” Cycleway planning in Maitland LGA commenced in 1982 and since then approximately 60 km of cycleways have been constructed at a cost of $1M.

However, the resultant cycleway network is fragmented and inconsistent. Consequently, this Bike Plan rationalises the network into trunk or collector bicycle routes that connect residents to their desired destinations. These routes have a total length of 165 km and are estimated to cost $6.7M.

Additionally, several scenic routes provide a recreational and tourist function for residents and visitors alike.

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