Wet Weather Assessments

A new Ground Closure Procedure was put to Council on Tuesday 10 July and will be effective from Friday 13 July at 2.00pm. The new procedure has been attached along with the Wet Weather Ground Assessment for your use this weekend. These can be printed via the links below.

Ground Closure Procedure                Wet Weather Grounds Assessment

In summary the new procedure states that:

·         Council will control wet weather ground closures between 8.30am Monday to 2.00pm Friday

·         Play/training on open sporting fields over the weekend will be allowed at the discretion of the club/association

·         A Wet Weather Ground Assessment, developed by Council, is to be completed by clubs and associations that may have reservations about the condition of the field of play. If completed this form will need to be provided to recreation@maitland.nsw.gov.au on the following Monday

·         Grounds will be inspected by Council for signs of damage every Monday

·         A $500 penalty fee plus the cost of any additional rectification works over the penalty fee will apply if damage is identified

·         Clubs who have damaged the ground or failed to provide appropriate risk assessment to Council will forfeit their right to assess and utilise the ground at their own discretion

·         A $100 penalty fee will apply to clubs or associations utilising a ground that has been closed during the week by Council.

Please feel free to contact the Recreation Department on 4934 9700 if you have any further questions or clarifications.