Alcohol Regulated Areas

Alcohol Free Zones (Local Government Act 1993)

  Alcohol-free zones are an early intervention measure to prevent the escalation of irresponsible street drinking to incidents involving serious crime.

  The drinking of alcohol is prohibited in an alcohol-free zone that has been established by Maitland Council.  Public places that are public roads, footpaths or public car parks may be included in a zone. Alcohol-free zones promote the use of these roads, footpaths and car parks in safety and without interference from irresponsible street drinkers.

  Alcohol Free Zones shall be enforced as per Sections 642, 644, 645 and 648 of the Local Government Act 1993. The Police are responsible for enforcing Alcohol Free Zones.

  Any person observed to be drinking in an alcohol-free zone may have the alcohol in their possession immediately seized and tipped out or otherwise disposed of.

  Alcohol Free Zones in the Maitland LGA are situated in the following areas:

  Rutherford Shopping Precinct

  1.    From the south eastern corner of the intersection between the New England Highway and Arthur Street; then north along the New England Highway to the centreline of Alexandra Avenue.

2.    From the New England Highway east along the centreline of Alexandra Avenue to western side of West Mall; south to North Mall then east along the northern side of North Mall to Weblands Street.

3.    From Weblands Street west to the rear boundary of Rutherford Shopping Centres Pty Ltd; then south to the rear boundary of 3 Arthur Street; then west to north western corner of the property located at 7 Arthur Street; then south to the southern side of Arthur Street and Woodberry Street intersection.

4.    From Woodberry Street west to the New England Highway.

Maitland CBD

  1.  Riverside Walk from the Belmore Bridge east to Cathedral Street, then south to High Street.

2. From the Belmore Bridge north along Sempill Street to and including the Council owned angled strip car parking area [adjacent to 44 Sempill Street].

3. West along the boundary between the Department of Mineral Resources and the Court House car park then south west along border of car park to High Street, north along High Street to the Analaby Street roundabout.

4. South along High Street then Ken Tubman Drive and Alan Walsh Drive to and including Maitland Station railway overpass.

5. From Maitland Station railway overpass following railway line east and including Maitland station car park to Elgin Street.

6. From the railway line north along Elgin Street to the intersection of Olive Street then continuing into Bulwer Street to the intersection of Ken Tubman Drive.

7. East along Ken Tubman Drive from Bulwer Street to include the Cinema car park and then north, including the council leased Uniting Church car park to High Street and then West to Cathedral Street.

  Alcohol Prohibited Areas ( Local Government Amendment (Confiscation of Alcohol) Act 2010

  Consumption of alcohol in the areas designated Alcohol Prohibited Areas is in breach of the Local Government Amendment [confiscation of Alcohol] Act 2010 section 632A.

  Alcohol Prohibited Areas in the Maitland LGA are situated in the following areas:

  1.       Maitland Harold Gregson Reserve

2.       Largs Ernie Jurd Memorial Oval

3.       Metford Recreational Reserve

4.       Rutherford Youth Space

5.       Thornton Park 

6.       Fred Harvey Oval – Woodberry

7.       Maitland Skateboard Centre

    Any person observed to be drinking in an Alcohol Prohibited Area may have the alcohol in their possession immediately seized and tipped out or otherwise disposed of and for non-cooperation with a police request a maximum penalty of $2200 applies.