Community Gardens

Council has developed a Community Garden Policy and How to Get Started Guide for communities interested in establishing a community garden.  

Community gardens are unique forms of public open space which are managed by the community primarily for the production of food and to contribute to the development of a sustainable urban environment. They are places for learning and sharing about sustainable living practices, and for community building through shared activities.   

The  How to Get Started Guide has been developed to assist community groups plan, design and implement a new or existing community garden project and to manage and maintain it in the long-term.  The Guide is not intended to be prescriptive, but instead demonstrate the broad range of considerations that will contribute to the long-term viability of any community garden project. It is based on the experience of successful community gardeners, as well as research conducted into the factors influencing the success or otherwise of community- based natural resource management and community development projects

Community Garden Policy

Expression of Interest

Getting Started