Youth Protocol

Rutherford Commercial Precinct Youth Protocol 

Rutherford Commercial Precinct Youth Protocol (RCPYP) is a resource that has been developed by Maitland City Council to address issues identified by retailers, young people and community members who are regular users of the Rutherford commercial precinct.

The protocol was Maitland City Council’s response to concerns voiced by local media as well as retailers and users of Rutherford Commercial precinct. The concerns stressed the need for a solution to the anti-social behaviour young people were displaying in and around the precinct.

Rutherford Commercial Precinct Youth Protocol clearly delivers information and procedures on rights and responsibilities, appropriate consequences for behaviours, implementation of bans and communicating with young people.

Tools that will assist businesses in addressing anti-social behaviour by young people in the commercial precinct have been outlined in the protocol; however, coordination, communication and unity between business owners is fundamental in implementing the youth protocol as an effective tool.

Council hopes the Rutherford Commercial Precinct Youth Protocol will:

  • Improve and maintain positive relationships between retailers, young people and the wider community.
  • Ensure young people are dealt with consistently and in a fair manner.
  • Provide retailers with guidelines and reasonable consequences to follow when a young person does not comply with conditions of entry.

If you require any further information regarding the protocol please contact:

Maitland City Council (Community & Recreation Services)
(02) 4934 9700

View the Rutherford Commercial Precinct Youth Protocol here