Citizen Services – Our New Approach

Council has developed a new approach to identifying and expressing the direction we are taking to ensure we are best positioned to meet the needs of our citizens over the next five years. Citizen Services – Our New Approach is built on a vision of making it easy in Maitland.

Local government in NSW has entered a period of reform. Central to this reform is a focus on citizen participation in local government, ensuring all local Councils are delivering services and building infrastructure aligned to their identified community needs.

At Maitland City Council, we recognise the powerful potential of the daily contacts we have with our citizens. These contacts offer us the opportunity to build partnerships, increase our knowledge of community needs and gain insights into our performance – all helping to ensure we are delivering maximum value to our community.

In looking to harness the power of these interactions, this approach recognises the increasingly important role new technology plays in connecting with our citizens. We understand that as a community we are increasingly busy and expectations for how and when citizens choose to interact with us has changed. It’s been several years since tablet devices entered the market – now an every day part of life. Coupled with more than two thirds of Australian residents owning a smartphone, the need to adapt the way we provide services and connect with our citizens is obvious.

As such, our new approach incorporates web, social media, apps and other forms of technology that can support us in best delivering citizen services smartly and quickly. As an organisation, we are focused on minimising manual processes, preventing duplication and using technology to save time and money.

However, Council recognises it is equally important not to lose the personal touch our citizens value and for which we are renowned. Therefore our approach focuses on improving our face to face and telephone based interactions too.

Citizen Services – Our New Approach can be viewed here. (PDF -15MB)