Graffiti Management Plan

Graffiti vandalism is one crime most visible to the community.  Most within the community would agree that graffiti is unattractive and is negative to the community sense of pride.

The Maitland City Council Community Safety Plan identifies graffiti vandalism as a common form of malicious damage within the Maitland Local Government Area (LGA). 

Graffiti vandalism imposes considerable economic and social costs on the community.  It is frequently identified as an indicator of risky environments, particularly for those outside of youth and artistic subcultures.

The objective of the Graffiti Management Plan is to minimise the incidents of graffiti on both public and private property through stakeholder engagement, prompt reporting and removal, provision of educational resources and enforcement.  This will be achieved through establishing clear practices and procedures for the removal of illegal graffiti in a timely and efficient manner and engagement of all stakeholders to work together in managing removal of graffiti

Maitland City Council is committed to reducing levels of graffiti vandalism in the City, and the maintenance of a safe and welcoming environment for the community and visitors.

The graffiti management plan outlines actions under six principles.


Consultation and ongoing engagement with business, government agencies and private land holders


Simple reporting mechanism to be made available to community, business and council services. To provide timely data for clean-up crews, and enforcement agencies, as well as provide statistical information for educational and reporting.


Timely removal based upon set prioritisation criteria in an environmentally friendly manner.


Implementation of design-based and environmental strategies to assist in the prevention of graffiti vandalism.


Web based information and educational material provided to assist the community in the prevention and safe removal of graffiti.  This may include educating young people on the legal and community consequences of graffiti.


Reporting system must assist in the mapping of graffiti incidents within the LGA to inform stakeholders of the worst affected area.

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