Waste Disposal at Mt Vincent Road Waste Management Centre

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Waste Collection

IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective Monday 4th July 2016 the following streets will have their service day changed from a Tuesday to a Monday:

  • Fitzroy Street, East Maitland
  • Anne Street, East Maitland
  • Riley Street, East Maitland

Please note: Maitland CBD will be spilt into two services days - Wednesday and Thursday. Please contact Customer Service if you need to clarify your bin service day.


  • Ashtonfield
  •  Greenhills (except Mitchell Drive, Garnett Road, Alfred Close which are Wednesdays)
  • East Maitland (Greenhills side of Highway)
  • Woodberry
  • Millers Forest
  • Duckenfield
  • Maitland Park
  • Morpeth


  • East Maitland (Metford side of highway)
  • Metford
  • Thornton (including Avalon Estate)
  • Chisholm


  • Bolwarra
  • Largs
  • Phoenix Park
  • Raworth
  • Tenambit/East Maitland (To railway line Victoria Street)
  • Tocal Road (Collection only goes to Tocal College)
  • Mindaribba
  • Maitland Vale Road to Campbell Road
  • Greenhills Business District - Mitchell Dr, Garnett Rd, Alfred Close
  • Maitland CBD


  • Aberglasslyn
  • Maitland, including Mt Carmel Retirement Village
  • Morpeth (Changes to Monday from 29 February 2016)
  • Lorn
  • Rutherford (Aberglasslyn side of highway)
  • Gosforth/Anambah Road
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Oakhampton
  • Maitland CBD


  • Gillieston Heights
  • Telarah
  • Farley
  • Rutherford (Farley side of highway)
  • Lochinvar
  • Windella Downs
  • Louth Park
  • Maitland Vale (Campbell Road)
  • Luskintyre
  • Bishops Bridge
  • To Orient Street Greta
  • Maitland Park 

 Collection services do not operate on Christmas Day, Garbage will be collected the following day. 

 Cemetery Collection Services

  • East Maitland collected Monday
  • Telarah collected Friday

Commercial Waste Services (Maitland CBD only)

  • Brown Lid (1 service per week) collected Wednesday
  • Blue Lid (2 services per week) collected Wednesday and Friday
  • Purple Lid (3 services per week) collected Monday, Wednesday, Friday

 Other Commercial Waste Services

o    Commercial waste services in suburban areas (except Maitland CBD) are collected on the normal domestic garbage collection days.

Please contact the following:-

Maitland City Council

Contact Phone: 4934 9700

Please contact the following:-

Contractor: Hunter Resource Recovery (HRR)

Contact Phone: 1800 838884

Service: All requests for repairs to recycling bins, replacement of stolen bins are to be forwarded to HRR, for works to be undertaken. HRR requires an event number for any stolen bin.   

Waste Disposal at Mt Vincent Road Waste Management Centre

109 Mt Vincent Road East Maitland

Please click on link for location to the waste depot at Mt Vincent Waste Depot Map.

8.15 am - 4.00 pm (Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday)

Weighbridge: 4934 1888 Facsimile: 4934 4575

Waste Disposal Fees 2017/2018 - These prices include GST

Prices includes the State Government Waste Levy of $138.10 per tonne and 10% GST

Municipal Waste - mixed

$350.00 per tonne

Commercial Waste - mixed

$350.00 per tonne

Special waste (dead animals, dusty, bulky & odorous waste)

$455.00 per tonne

Bulk polystyrene

$2,000.00 per tonne

Construction and Demolition Waste - mixed

$315.00 per tonne

Asbestos waste

$490.00 per tonne

Concrete, bricks, roof tiles (separated)

$207.00 per tonne

Virgin excavated natural material (VENM) – certified (up to operational requirements)

$152.00 per tonne

Virgin excavated natural material (VENM) – certified (above operational requirements)

$350.00 per tonne

Vegetation and Timber

$195.00 per tonne

Vegetation delivered Saturdays and Sundays (MCC residents only, up to 1 x box trailer load)

$55.00 per tonne



$30.00 per unit

E-waste (up to 17 items)

No charge

E-waste (> 17 items)

$350.00 per tonne

Scrap metal and vehicle batteries

No charge

General recyclables (cardboard, paper, bottles, cans, plastics) – up to 1 x 240 litre wheelie bin

No charge


Small tyre (up to 600 mm)

$5.50 per tyre

Medium tyre (601 mm – 800 mm)

$43.00 per tyre

Large tyre (>800 mm)

$86.00 per tyre

Small tyre on rim

$15.00 per tyre

Use of weighbridge

$30.00 per vehicle

Minimum fee (waste up to 40 kg)

$14.00 per vehicle

Minimum fee (vegetation delivered on Saturday or Sunday)

$2.20 per vehicle

Free Tip Voucher 

Each domestic premises in the City of Maitland that is paying the Domestic Waste Management Charge is entitled to one free tip voucher per year. Council sends the tip vouchers to the occupant of the premises every July. Residents are then able to use the voucher to dispose of domestic waste at the Mt Vincent Rd Waste Management Centre.

It is important for residents to check the back of the tip voucher for conditions of use as not all waste types and quantities are accepted. The following conditions apply for 2017/2018:

  • This voucher can only be used for loads up to 400kg. Waste in excess of 400kg will be charged at the applicable disposal rates.
  • This voucher can only be used by persons residing at the address shown overleaf (Photo ID is required).
  • This voucher can only be used for domestic waste.
  • This voucher cannot be used for commercial waste, soil, tyres, mattresses or mattress bases.
  • This voucher is not transferable and not redeemable for cash.
  • The original voucher must be presented (no copies).
  • Only one voucher will be issued per household per financial year.
  • Enclosed footwear must be worn while at the Waste Management Centre.
  • Pets and children must remain in the vehicle while at the Waste Management Centre.

Residents are reminded that it makes a lot of sense to separate waste and recyclables particularly for those larger loads above 400kg that will attract a charge. As many recyclables such as paper, cardboard and bottles, metal items, white goods and car batteries are accepted free of charge, separating recyclables and unloading them in the appropriate areas at the Waste Management Centre can save a lot of money.

  • Differential Pricing

On 1 January 2014, Maitland City Council changed the waste and recycling disposal fees and introduced differential pricing at its Mt Vincent Rd Waste Management Centre.

Differential pricing essentially means charging lower fees for recyclables and higher fees for mixed waste that cannot be recycled and must therefore be landfilled.

The purpose of differential pricing is to encourage recycling and to maximise the amount of waste diverted from the landfill.

The disposal of household recyclables such as paper, cardboard and bottles, metal items and car batteries are now free and the disposal of concrete and bricks is at a much lower cost than before.

All vehicles including domestic trailers and utilities are now weighed and disposal fees are charged on the actual weight of waste disposed off rather than applying a fixed fee based on the type of vehicle carrying the waste.

Residents can make significant savings if they separate their recyclables from waste and unload the different materials in the correct recycling areas at the Waste Management Centre. 

  • Disposal of Asbestos

Did you know that as of January 2008 you are now required to hold a NSW Workcover licence to remvoe 10m2 or more of bonded asbestos and any amount of friable asbestos.  Further information can be found below in the NSW Workcover documents.

Asbestos: A Guide for Householders and the General Public 

NSW Government Workcover Information

NSW Government Workcover Licencing

Normal landfill fees apply for the disposal of asbestoes as well as an additional charge for burial. All asbestos is to be wetted down and wrapped in heavy duty black plastic. The staff at the site are to be notified 24 hours in advance prior to delivery of asbestos contaminated material. At this time, directions will be given in relation to dumping of the contaminated load at this site.

For further information on the safe handling of Asbestos please click on the following links below:-

Asbestos Awareness

  • Materials Accepted for Recycling

The following items recycled at the waste Management Centre:

  • tyres
  • old car batteries
  • used motor oil
  • concrete, brick and roof tiles 
  • scrap metal and white goods
  • mattresses
  • cardboard, paper and general recyclables
  • e-waste
  • Non-acceptable E-Waste materials include the following:    
    • Broken or pre stripped computer towers
    • Broken or pre stripped televisions
    • Vacuum cleaners
Prohibited materials

The following Wastes and Substances are prohibited from disposal at this depot:

  • Liquid waste of any description
  • Radioactive material
  • Any inflammable liquid or material derived from grease, oil, tar, petroleum, shale or coal
  • Any material or sludge being the refuse from any industrial process, carried on in:
    • Any tanning or leather processing plant
    • Any petroleum or petrochemical plant
    • Any chemical plant
    • Any paint manufacturing plant
    • Any metal treatment plant
    • Any vegetable oil or mineral oil plant
    • Any pharmaceutical or drug manufacturing plan
  • Any material containing:
    • Arsenic
    • Cyanide
    • Sulphur
  • Any toxic soluble salt of the following:
    • Barium
    • Boron
    • Calcium
    • Chromium
    • Copper
    • Lead
    • Manganese
    • Mercury
    • Selenium
    • Silver
    • Zinc
  • Any pesticide or kerbicide and in particular any:
    • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
    • Fluorinated hydrocarbons
    • Organophosphates
    • Carbamates
    • Phenols
  • Any Soluble acid or alkali or acidic or basic compounds
  • Tyres
  • Human tissues or body waste 
  • Pollution Incident Response Plan

Council is required to have in place a Landfill incident Response Management Plan which details the site strategic approach that Maitland City Council will have in relation to reporting, managing and communicating a pollution incident at the Mount Vincent Waste Management Facility.

To obtain a copy of the community summary of this document click the link below.

Mount Vincent Landfill Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - Community Summary

Illegal Dumping

  • Illegal dumping

The illegal dumping of waste poses a health and safety risk to all residents in the Maitland local government area. The dumping of waste in bushland, along roadsides and in river channels results in the environment becoming aesthetically unpleasing and has the potential to impact on the environment with chemicals able to leach into waterways, weeds able to escape into native bushland, and wildlife, birds and fish potentially becoming tangled in waste.

Should you observe someone dumping waste in an inappropriate location you are requested to “Dob In the Dumper” by contacting Council on 4934 9700 as soon as possible after the incident with details of the location, date and time you observed the incident, the type of waste dumped, and a description of the vehicle observed dumping the waste (with registration details if applicable). Any other details are also helpful.

Council wishes to advise that under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997 Council can issue on the spot fines for illegal dumping. 

Download copies of useful brochures below:


Compost Bins & Worm Farms

To reduce the amount of household food and organic waste being disposed of to landfill, set up a compost bin and worm farm.

For more information see the Easy Composting Guide or Easy Worm Farming Guide.

Septic Services

Pump Outs

Contractor: Theiss

Contact Phone: 49217600

Pan Services

Contractor: Michael O’Connor – Cessnock City Council

Contact Phone: 49910354