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Whats On

Denial is a river in Egypt

Tuesday 2 August

Local Author, Liberty Hunter has experienced some of the challenges a child with Autism can bring to a family. Based on real life experiences, Denial is a river in Egypt, tells Liberty Hunter’ s story of being a young mum who was plunged into an unfamiliar world where everything she took for granted disappeared.


Steps to survival

Wednesday 10 August

Local author, Denise Sweeney tells her personal story of fighting and surviving endometrial cancer in her book Steps to Survival. Much more than a cancer memoir, Denise’s book raises awareness of gynaecological cancers and provides strategies women can use to get through those difficult months of surgery, chemotherapy and radiography treatments.


Bob Carr
Diary of a foreign minister

Thursday 18 August

Six years after vacating his position as the longest-serving Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr returned to politics as federal Foreign Minister.

For 18 months he kept a diary documenting a whirl of high-stakes events on the world stage.

The compelling Diary of a Foreign Minister provides an intimate glimpse into the day-to-day workings of a foreign minister, showing Carr not only as a politician and statesman, but as a gifted writer as well. 


Children's Book Week

20 - 26 August

Maitland City Library has a great program of events in celebration of Children's Book Week, including Libby Hathorn, celebrated author of more than fifty books for children and young people. The Maitland City Library Book Week team will take their annual Roadshow to  library branches and local schools. So join us in the fun!