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Maitland Heritage Kit
Look Who's Talking  in 2017
Holly Throsby
From music to mystery
14 February
Rosalie Ham
The Dressmaker
24 March
Don Watson
Voice from the bush
6 April
Raimond Gaita
Gratitude and truthfulness
14 June
Tim Flannery
Hope for a new world
12 May
Hannah Kent
Folklore, faith and fantasy
2 November
Leigh Hobbs
An evening with Leigh Hobbs
31 August
Abdi Aden
21 September

David Astle
Words at play
12 October

Bruce Pascoe
The dark emu
3 August

World Philosophy Day
Was Socrates a terrorist?
16 November
Look Who's Talking Local History 2017
Duckenfield House
20 April
Higher Ground
23 February
Maitland's Jewish Connection
20 August
Last woman hanged
8 June 
Pop goes the culture
7 September

 Look Who's Talking Wellbeing 2017
What is happiness anyway?
21 March
Why friendship matters
20 June
Sleep well
12 September
Reading for wellbeing
14 November

 Look Who's Talking Local Stories 2017

Ordinary people, extraordinary lives
4 April
Local champions
24 October
Culture shift
25 July

 Look Who's Talking Local Authors 2017

Alana Henderson
Out of the Fog
9 March
Greg Powell
Bushranger Tracks
22 May
Mel Jacob
In sickness, in health and in jail
29 June

Margaret McMahon
Tree Change
19 July

Nancy Knudsen
Accidentally Istanbul and other travel tales
8 August
Stewart Whyte
Earn money from your home
6 September