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Conditions of computer use

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A Maitland City Library membership number is required to use public access computers.
Customers who are not current members of the Maitland City Library Service should seek assistance from library staff when intending to book a computer.
To pre-book a computer for a convenient time, a Booking Station is available at all branches. 

Sessions are available in 60 minute blocks. If demand allows, sessions can be extended.
Pre-booked sessions will be cancelled if the user does not arrive within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time.


Printing in both B&W and colour is available on A4 and A3 size paper supplied by the Library.
Please see our fees and charges for prices. Printing charges still apply if the customer’s own paper is used.

Printers are located in the public area and printouts will be visible to other Library customers.
Credit must be available on the relevant membership card to release print jobs.
All monies added as credit to a membership card will remain valid until used for either printing or photocopying.

Customers are asked to check the number of pages prior to releasing printing, as all pages must be paid for. 
Customers are encouraged to ask Library staff for assistance in minimising printing costs prior to printing.


Users may save information to portable storage devices.

Saving to compact disc is not available.

Saving information to the hard drive of any public access computer is not permitted.
Note that files are not retained on public access computers.

Virus checkers are available on all public access computers, and users are encouraged to use this facility to avoid damage to portable storage devices and loss of data.


The Library has a role in facilitating information and computer literacy.

Library staff will assist users in using Microsoft applications, printing and accessing electronic information. Commitment to serving all Library customers may not allow extended instruction in computer use.

Library staff can provide basic troubleshooting assistance, but may need to refer technical and equipment difficulties to Council’s IT section.

Inexperienced users are encouraged to consult Library staff about the most convenient times to request basic instruction or extended assistance.

Introductory internet and email training is provided on a weekly basis at all library branches.

Responsibilities of users

Users are not permitted to make changes to the set-up or configuration of public access computers, including security settings and downloading of software.

Users must not knowingly propagate a computer virus.

Users must not damage computer hardware or peripheral equipment.

The rights and privacy of other public access computer users must be respected.

Library staff should be notified if any problems are experienced with public access computers.

Infringement of conditions of use

Users who do not comply with the Library’s conditions of use may have their session terminated or be denied access to the service.

Infringement will result in the following actions:

First infringement – a verbal explanation of the Library’s conditions of use for public access computers.

Second infringement – termination of session and a written warning detailing the nature of the breach, the time it occurred and suspension from using the service for the period of one month.

Third infringement – termination of session and written notification of withdrawal of access to the service.

Maitland City Library reserves the right to change the conditions of use relating to public access computers.