Current exhibitions and displays

Morpeth Museum’s mission is ‘To collect, preserve and interpret the history of Morpeth and district for future generations’.

Morpeth Museum, located at The Courthouse, is home to a range of exhibitions and displays. Exhibitions range from early and family history to specific industries and the modern perspective. The exhibitions are ever changing as new and interesting historical elements are discovered or restored.

When you visit

Whilst visiting the museum you have the opportunity to:

  • Sit in the Judge’s chair and pass sentence or stand in the dock and confess your misdemeanours
  • Spend time in a cell without being convicted
  • Visit Morpeth houses without walking the streets
  • Research local ancestors
  • Learn about the Port of Morpeth and blow the foghorn
  • Explore local history
  • Peruse the Arnott’s Collection and see the Tiny Teddies.
Current exhibitions

The current range of exhibitions is listed below. You can purchase a full exhibition catalogue for $5.00 when visiting Morpeth Museum.

  • Lt Edward Close
  • The Local Indigenous People
  • Convict
  • Shipping 
  • Industry
  • Arnott’s Memorabilia
  • Court bench (colonial justice)
  • Hotels
  • National Textiles
  • Portus – Flour Mill
  • Campbell’s Store
  • 148 Swan Street
  • Children’s Exhibition
  • Oak (Dairy Framers) Exhibition
  •  Brooms
  • St James Church
  • Morpeth Post Office
  • Morpeth Railway
  • Morpeth Courthouse Clock
  • Morpeth Houses