Group and school bookings

Morpeth Museum offers tour guides to join your group and primary school programs that can be delivered at the Museum or at your school. Phone Morpeth Museum for more information on 02 4934 4301 or stop by during opening hours to plan your visit. 

Bus/Coach Tour Guide
  • Let a Morpeth Museum guide join your coach tour and take you around the heritage sites of the Maitland Local Government Area. On this tour you will visit the early 19th century areas of West Maitland, East Maitland and Morpeth.
  • Start at Maitland Visitor Information Centre or Morpeth Museum.
  • Tour lengths are tailored to your group schedule.
  • In house refreshments available.

Morpeth Museum offers two primary school programs which have curriculum outcomes in the New South Wales Syllabus, The Past in the Present. Take a fun excursion to Morpeth Museum where children can take part in the rewarding ‘Treasures, Trial and Time’ program. Alternatively, let a Morpeth Museum representative come to your school for a free presentation called The Past in the Present – second generation.

At the Museum – ‘Treasures, Trial and time’

  • Hunt down the ‘treasures’ using issued bookmarks as clues (12 in total). See the old Bookmark Stamp Machine as part of the Post Office Display. This gives students the opportunity to find the treasures of the past and compare them with their equivalent today.
  • Put the Mopreth Couthouse bench to the test with a unique mock trial, full trial with witnesses.
  • Visit the holding cell and do ‘time’.

Download the full information sheet.

At your school – ‘The Past in the Present – 2nd Generation’

  • A Morpeth Museum guide will come to your school to present ‘The Past in the Present – 2nd Generation’.
  • A 40 minute presentation will discuss life as a child in the 1950s and how that compares with school today. Discussion includes home life, toys, recreation, school life, clothes, appliances and technology. For example ‘What Dad wore at work’.