Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy

We are currently preparing an Economic Development Strategy for Maitland.

The world is changing rapidly with technological advancement, climate change, COVID-19 and geopolitical shifts impacting how our economy works. An Economic Development Strategy will consider opportunities for our city, outline how these trends will impact Maitland, and identify future opportunities.

Through dialogue with our local community, businesses and stakeholders, we will identify the priorities for Maitland's economy and devise an action plan to outline the community's aspirations.


Future Maitland is the ongoing conversation we're holding with our community around Council's first Economic Development Strategy. 

Between August and November, we held a series of thought provoking sessions with local residents, community groups, high school students, business people, councillors and Council staff. Presented by Future State Director, James Tuma, the sessions dived into what is happening at the cutting edge of mobility, jobs, skills and innovation. From sustainability to connectivity, agriculture to clean construction, Future Maitland explored what future scenarios could play out in Maitland.


In phase two of our engagement we are diving deeper into the community’s economic preferences and shared values to guide the progress of the Economic Development Strategy. One tool we are using to gather our community values and preferences is a quiz that arrives at your Economic Preference after a series of ten questions.

Learn more about what's driving our Economic Development Strategy.


To recap what was discussed, you can view the full presentation via the video below.