Cr Ben Mitchell

Cr Ben Mitchell

At just 25 years old Cr Ben Mitchell is the youngest councillor in Maitland’s history, but he insists that his age won’t define him.

Ben grew up on a rural property near Mingenew, a small town in Western Australia’s northern wheatbelt. He’s always had a love of plants and gardens which meant his decision to become a horticulturalist after school was an easy one. He moved to Maitland five years ago and works in the Hunter Valley.

Ben decided to run for Council because he didn’t want to join the ‘keyboard warriors’ and talk about what was wrong in the city, he wanted to actually do something positive and practical.

‘Infrastructure is really big for me. Maitland’s population is growing so fast and it’s essential that our infrastructure keeps pace with that’.

Ben believes he brings a new perspective to Council and he has encouraged locals to approach him and talk to him about different issues within the community.