Shopping trolleys

Council encourages the community to proactively report abandoned trolleys to the appropriate retailers.

When abandoned trolleys are reported to retailers, they are usually collected within 24 hours of the report being made.

You can contact the retailers to report abandoned shopping trolleys that have been removed from stores and car parks:

  • Coles
  • Kmart
  • Target
Report to Coles using their website, by calling 1800 876 553 or by using the Trolley Collect App
  • Woolworths
  • Big W
  • Dan Murphy's
  • IGA
Report to Woolworths using the Trolley Tracker website, by calling 1800 641 497 or by using the Trolley Tracker App

If the trolley is not removed you can then contact Council who will follow up with the relevant stores.

Did you know? The cost of collecting and replacing abandoned trolleys is ultimately paid for by the customer in higher prices. Therefore, when you use a trolley it is best to return it to the bays provided so that it cannot cause damage to cars, property or become an environmental or pedestrian hazard.