Maitland Town Hall

Maitland's newest Council announced

Cr Philip Penfold has been officially declared Maitland's Mayor by the NSW Electoral Commission, along with the following councillors:


Cr Robert Aitchison

Cr Mike Yarrington

Cr Mitchell Griffin

Cr Peter Garnham

Cr Kanchan Ranadive

Cr Ben Whiting

Cr Loretta Baker

Cr Sally Halliday

Cr Bill Hackney (new)

Cr Ben Mitchell

Cr Stephanie Fisher (new)

Cr Kristy Ferguson (new)

The election of five females onto Council makes it the most in Maitland's history.

Being first elected in 1999, Cr Peter Garnham is now Maitland's longest ever continuous Councillor.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday 25 January where the deputy mayor will be elected for one year.