Metford Public School unveil Melaleuca Ponds mural

Metford Public School unveil Melaleuca Ponds mural

As Mayor I am very fortunate to see the countless work by individuals that goes into our community and this week was no exception. On Wednesday I was invited to the official unveiling of a new mural at Metford Public School, but this isn’t just any mural. In fact, it is the exceptional work of Dan Cox who is a parent at the school and who worked in partnership with the school and students to create this amazing piece of art that has transformed the student lunch area.

In addition to watching the wonderful performances by the school choir and aboriginal dance group, I was able to talk to the artist Dan Cox and he spoke about working with the students over four months and his inspiration from the Melaleuca Ponds that are located at the rear of the school. The artwork is divided into three panels that depict the ponds in the morning, during the middle part of the day and in the evening. It features the lush wetlands with a number of animals that also call the ponds home.

It is a fantastic example of what can be achieved through community partnerships and a willingness to provide a positive and creative experience for the school and students. The result is now an incredible piece of art that has activated the space in the school and is something that the students and school will enjoy for many years to come.

Dan, as well as a parent at the school, is a local artist that completed the work as part of his university studies. His piece of art was made possible through Council’s Community Grant Program, which is designed to assist in the establishment of projects and services that foster community partnerships, promote access to community resources, and are deemed to benefit the community. There are four categories that groups and individuals can apply for and up to $5,000 can be provided to successful applicants to complete their project or service. The next round of applications for the grants open in September. Make sure you take a look at the Community Grants web page for more details. 

Congratulations again to Dan Cox and Metford Public school on a wonderful community partnership.