Community options project

The Community Options Project is a registered National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Provider for Coordination of Supports for the scheme's participants.

The Community Options Project has been providing complex case coordination for over 20 years to people with a disability.

Coordination is a professional service and partnership between a client and their case manager that aims to produce positive, lasting change. The Community Options team have working relationships with clients, focusing upon clients’ abilities and strengths to live at home and to participate in their community.

In partnership, a plan is developed to support clients to achieve their goals and to live a life of their choice by:

  • Identifying areas where you want to focus your efforts
  • Decision making that supports your personal development and independence
  • Assessing the barriers that prevent goal/s from being achieved
  • Working together to identify the things you can do to minimise or remove the barriers
  • Assisting you to implement your National Disability Insurance Scheme plan within the funding allocated to achieve your goals
  • Working with you, planners and your support networks to achieve innovative responses when immediate solutions are not available.

Contact the Community Options team to talk about your situation by calling 02 4934 9700.