The Levee Development

The Levee is located in Central Maitland and is the city's premier lifestyle precinct offering options for shopping, dining, entertainment and business services.

The Levee, located in Central Maitland, runs parallel to the Hunter River and is encircled by Ken Tubman Drive. The precinct is a hive of activity, offering a range of entertainment and dining options, a blend of small business and national retail stores, and professional services such as banks, solicitors and accountants.

Visit The Levee's website for more information and to see what events are coming up.

The Levee Development Component One

In 2015 Council completed the redevelopment of The Levee Shared Zone, opening this section of High Street to vehicle traffic for the first time since it was closed in 1988 for construction of the Maitland Heritage Mall.

The Levee Development Component One was one of the key initiatives identified in the Central Maitland Structure Plan to establish a vibrant lifestyle precinct and reinforce Central Maitland as a major regional centre. The construction works saw the excavation and replacement of the paving, the introduction of a dedicated vehicle path, a number of on street parking spots and landscaping upgrades that included new trees and benches, as well as lighting to highlight the heritage buildings in The Shared Zone.

The Levee Shared Zone is a space where pedestrians and vehicles share a common place. It is accessed by vehicles travelling one way west bound along High Street between Bourke and Elgin Streets. The speed limit is 10km per hour and there are no road lines, kerb or gutter. Within this shared zone pedestrians and vehicles are equal however drivers must give way to pedestrians.

The Levee Development Component Two

The second component of The Levee Development began in 2016, which adds to the work completed in the first stage of works. A key part of the $9.92M second component is the construction of The Riverlink Building that connects High Street to the banks of the Hunter River. While work will also include upgrades to the Riverside Walk, Bourke Street Link and to the High Street east and west extensions of The Levee.

The Riverlink Building will help transform the space into the premier lifestyle precinct for Maitland, creating public open space, and new facilities for the space. Work is continuing and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. You can see how construction is progressing by visiting The Levee website.


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