Cemeteries and burials

Landscape of Glebe Cemetery

Local cemeteries

Council manages four cemeteries in Maitland.

Burial Register

You can use the burial register to find the location of persons buried in cemeteries managed by Council.

Please note: Not all burials have headstones, which sometimes makes it difficult to identify locations. Burial records before the 1980s were also received from churches, funeral directors and gravediggers, therefore not all were received.

Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW

Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW (CCNSW) is a NSW Government agency that regulates cemetery and crematorium operators in NSW and provides information on burial and cremation options to the public. They can also assist with resolving complaints and questions concerning cemeteries and crematoria. For more information, please visit CCNSW

Reserve a burial plot

Burial plots can be reserved for the future to ensure loved ones are not burdened during an emotional time, or for immediate use if someone you know has untimely passed away.

New reservation fees

For future use
For immediate use

Open a grave

Open reserved or existing grave
Ashes into existing grave
Apply for burial plot


Burial permit (Interment Right)

After reserving a burial plot or niche, you will be granted a legal document by Council called an Interment Right, which gives you ownership of the burial plot or niche.

Transferring Rights

The Interment Right can be transferred to another person, by completing a Transfer or Interment Right Form, with approval from Council.

Transfer of Interment Right Form



A niche is a space in a columbarium wall where ashes are placed. Council officers enter ashes into the niches, and will notify family members of the designated time.

Columbarium walls

A columbarium wall is a wall that stores niches where boxes of ashes are placed. Columbarium walls are located at Morpeth Cemetery.
Memorial plaques for the columbarium walls are included in the cost of the interment and can feature about six lines of text.

Niche Fees

New niche - Future use
New niche - immediate use
Open reserved niche

includes plaque and surround

Special requirements

Example: removing or moving of ashes

per hour

Reserve a niche

Niches on columbarium walls can be reserved for the future to ensure loved ones are not burdened during an emotional time, or for immediate use if someone you know has untimely passed away.

Monument works

When erecting a new monument, it’s recommended that you wait 6-12 months to allow for the ground to settle at the burial site.

All monuments must first be approved by Council and comply with the Australian Standards and must be installed by a monumental mason.

The care, maintenance and repair of monuments are the responsibility of the family or estate of the deceased.

Monument fees

Erection or restoration of Monumental Work
Additional inscription to headstone
Reinstatement of Materials

Apply for monument works

You can apply for an erection of a monument, or for restoration work, by completing a Monumental & Restoration Work Form.

Cemetery service providers

Below are a list of cemetery service providers that are licensed to work in Council operated cemeteries:

  • Creightons Funeral Services
    Location: Palmdale
    Ph: 4362 1203
  • C R Smythe & Son
    Location: Cessnock
    Ph: 4990 1425
  • David Lloyd Funerals
    Location: Beresfield
    Ph: 4966 5277
  • Meighans Funerals
    Location: Broadmeadow
    Ph: 4952 3099
  • Peter Fry Funerals
    Location: Maitland
    Ph: 4930 1441
  • Pettigrew Family Funerals
    Location: Wallsend
    Ph: 4951 1166
  • Simplicity Funerals
    Location: Adamstown
    Ph: 0427 679 223
  • Fry Bros Funerals
    Location East Maitland
    Ph: 4933 6155
  • White Lady Funerals
    Location: Mayfield
    Ph: 4968 9401

If you are a service provider and would like to work in Council’s cemeteries, please submit a Licence to Work in Council Cemeteries Application.

Other cemeteries

There are six (6) nearby private cemeteries that are operated by private organisations and churches, and five historic cemeteries which are closed to new burials.

Historic cemeteries

Private cemeteries

Death notification

The Australian Death Notification Service lets you notify multiple organisations about the death of a loved one with a free and simple process.

The Service allows you to notify financial, insurance, superannuation, utility providers and government services through one channel.