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Community engagement is at the heart of local government. It helps communities to be active participants in shaping their future and play a part in positive change.

This is where you can get involved in Council's plans, have a say and learn more about past projects. Your input and feedback help to ensure that our services, plans and decisions are guided by community values.

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Community Satisfaction Surveys

Every two (2) years, we ask residents to rate their satisfaction with Council services and facilities, and their attitudes towards a range of community issues. This helps us to assess our performance over the years.

What you said in 2022
  • 96%

    Rated their quality of life as good to excellent

  • ​​​​​​90%

    Were at least somewhat satisfied with our services

  • 50%

    Contacted us during the past 12 months

Our principles for engagement

Council has developed a Community Engagement Framework that guides how, what, when, where and why we will engage with the community.

Community Engagement Policy

Community Engagement Strategy

  • Informative and transparent
    We will provide the community with the information they need to participate.
  • Inclusive and accessible
    We will make it easy and fair for everyone potentially affected by a decision to participate.
  • Proactive and timely
    We will provide regular opportunities for the community to participate and engage before making a decision.
  • Meaningful and genuine
    We will listen to our community and consider their input in decision making.
  • Flexible and responsive
    We will use community feedback to design our engagement activities.
  • Reported
    We will tell the community how their input affected the decision.
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