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The following items are currently on public exhibition. Details of each item can be found by viewing the documents attached to each item.

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Item Name Exhibition Type Status Ends
DA/2023/399, Multi Dwelling Housing (3 Units), One (1) into Three (3) Lot Strata Title Subdivision and Tree Removal, 67 Carrington Street HORSESHOE BEND Development Application Notification Open 20/06/2023
DA/2023/413, Three (3) into Five (5) Lot Torrens Title Subdivision, Multi Dwelling Housing and One (1) into Fourteen (14) Lot Strata Subdivision, 23A Robert Street TENAMBIT, 29 Robert Street TENAMBIT & 4 Floral Close TENAMBIT Development Application Notification Open 19/06/2023
DA/2023/385, Alterations and Additions to Health Services Facility, including Demolition, Vegetation Removal and Alterations and Additions to Existing Car Park, 175 Chisholm Road ASHTONFIELD Development Application Notification Open 14/06/2023
Approved Applications - May 2023 Outcome of Application Closed 05/06/2023
DA/2018/64:3, Section 4.55 (1A) to Modify Condition 2 (Hours of Operation) from 1am to 2am, Monday to Saturday, 1 Denton Park Drive RUTHERFORD Development Application Notification Closed 05/06/2023
DA/2023/350, Commercial Premises (Car Wash with Associated Landscaping, Car Parks) and Signage, 206 High Street MAITLAND General Closed 31/05/2023
Approval Notice - Road Naming - Off Goldingham Street Tenambit Road Naming Closed 19/05/2023
Refused Applications - April 2023 Outcome of Application Closed 19/05/2023
Approved Applications - April 2023 Outcome of Application Closed 19/05/2023
Proposed Road Names - DA/2006/3511 - Off Goldingham Street, Tenambit Road Naming Closed 18/05/2023

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Submissions are to be made in writing addressed to the General Manager and either:

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Submissions must be received by close of business on the last day of the exhibition period, unless otherwise stated.

Donations and gift disclosure

Any submission on a planning related matter must complete a Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts and submit this to Council with their submission. Examples of planning matters include a development application, Development Control Plan, Local Environmental Plan, Section 94 plans etc.