Bulky Waste Service

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About the bulky waste service

Each household in Maitland receives two (2) waste services each financial year, to dispose of bulky household items.

There are a range of disposal options. Choose the option that best suits your needs from the three (3) below.

Collection options


Waste Vouchers

2 x waste vouchers

2 x waste vouchers (250kg each) to use individually throughout the financial year or to use 2 vouchers together if you have a larger volume of up to 500kg.


Kerbside collections

2 x kerbside collections

2 x kerbside collections (2 cubic metres each) to use individually throughout the financial year or combine your two bulky kerbside services for up to four (4) cubic metres.


Mix and match

Mix and match

1 x waste vouchers (250kg) and 1 x kerbside collection to use individually throughout the financial year. 

How to book

You can book kerbside collections and waste vouchers via our online portal.

Waste portal

For kerbside collections, book online by selecting the items you want to dispose of and pick a date, up to eight (8) weeks in advance.

For waste vouchers, instantly receive a code to your device to present at the Maitland Resource Recovery Facility. You will also need to bring along one of the accepted forms of proof of address documentation.

Kerbside collection

You can book up to two (2) bulky waste kerbside collections each financial year. The items will be picked up from the front of your property & can be booked via the online portal.

Be sure to only place accepted waste items out on your kerbside the day before your booking date.

A booking can be for a single bulky service, of up to two (2) cubic metres, or for larger volumes of waste, your two bulky services can be combined, for up to four (4) cubic metres.

Council staff removing kerbside waste

Placing waste on the kerb

When presenting your waste for collection, you must:

  • Place your waste out on the kerb the day before, or prior to 4.30am, of your scheduled pickup date
  • Keep your waste on the kerb and off the road or footpath
  • Keep your waste under the volume limit of two (2) cubic metres per booking
  • Keep your green waste bundled and tied with natural string (not plastic)
  • Keep branches under a maximum length of 1.5m and width of 30cm.


Please note: Multiple trucks are used to collect your waste and may arrive at different times across your scheduled pickup date.

What can be collected kerbside?

Prohibited items
  • Asbestos and fibro sheets or planks
  • Fibreglass items, including sheeting and bats
  • Vinyl
  • Liquids and oil
  • Household rubbish and recyclables
  • Bean bags and other items containing polystyrene balls
  • Domestic or perishable garbage (including nappies)
  • Glass, windows or mirrors
  • Pesticides, chemicals, flammable materials, paints, gas cylinders or car batteries
  • Fridges, freezers and air conditioners
  • Car bodies, large engine blocks
  • Car tyres and rims
  • Building and construction waste (concrete, bricks, tiles, stone, plasterboard and soil)
  • Metal sheets and bars greater than 1.5m in length
  • Lawn clippings, tree stumps, palm trees
  • Tree branches over 100mm thickness
  • All items that can't be safely and reasonably handled by two people. As a guide, individual items should not exceed 50kg.

Other ways to dispose

Some of these prohibited items can be disposed of using the Waste Voucher disposal option, including whitegoods, building waste, tyres, liquids and glass. 

Alternatively, you can check our other ways to dispose of problem waste.

Waste vouchers

You can redeem up to two (2) digital waste vouchers throughout the financial year, via the online portal. Once you receive your voucher code, you can present it at the Maitland Resource Recovery Facility

Proof of address is required to redeem your waste vouchers. View accepted forms of proof of address.

Vouchers can be used individually or you could choose to utilise your two (2) bulky waste vouchers together for larger volumes of up to 500kg.

Waste vouchers

What can be disposed of with a waste voucher?

Prohibited items
  • Asbestos and fibro sheets or planks
  • Liquid waste
  • Chemicals and pesticides
  • Medical waste
  • Car bodies and engine blocks
  • Tractor and truck tyres
  • Special waste including deceased animals
Alternatively, you can check our other ways to dispose of problem waste.

Bulky Waste FAQs

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